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In 2021 we started asking residents in Eastern Wake County to answer quick, one-question polls. To date we've received a lot of insightful answers, many of which we think you'll be interested to read. Click on a question below to see some of those responses.

If you want to share your ideas, you can do so here. Remember, the more details you give about where you live, the more actionable your feedback is. Responses are being shared with municipal leaders when a municipality is specified.

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Community Poll Questions

If you could change one thing about your community that would make life better for you, what would it be?

"I noticed our highway from Wendell to Raleigh is really, really dirty all the way is filled with trash. Please we need to implement a program to clean up our environment and all the trash. Next time you drive to Raleigh, notice all that trash. Another thing will be adding a sideways to ride bicycles and have more means of transportation - buses routes more routes to reduce emissions, traffic in our highways. Thanks."

"More restaurants and things to do in Zebulon."

"Divert funds from Raleigh to Wendell. Some of our services through the city of Raleigh have gotten worse/inconsistent. When we paid utilities via Wendell things were more consistent."

"Grocery shopping options."


"Roadway appearance and responding to the massive amounts of garbage on all roads of North Carolina, specially Wake County."

"Greenways in Wendell, NC! Safe human powered transportation routes."

"Expand Wendell parks and recreation.  Wendell YMCA would be great!!"

The one thing I would change about our community, would be anything supporting more positivity. On the Next-door, I see folks complaining more than anything else. :)"

"Too restrictive, ABC store had to locate outside of town, local pharmacy will not sell syringes to me for me diabetes.  Backward thinking, this is 2021." 

"Wendell Falls Pky traffic near the railroad tracks. I would drop the speed limit to 25, include a 4 way stop at the intersection with third street. Would make the section from third street to Wendell Blvd one way to mitigate congestion."

"Different / more choices of food stores, restaurants, bars. Doctors office."

"More sidewalks, greenways, greenway connectivity to Neuse river trail, bike lanes. Also, more local businesses."

"A better, nicer grocery store with FRESH produce and fully-stocked shelves. More sit-down chain restaurants, no more mom and pop, bad food ones. Retail outlets that actually have products on the shelves for the wide variety of people."

"A sidewalk the full length of Old Zebulon Road in Wendell."  

"More amusement and entertainment options. Reasons to keep residents in town and contributing to the local economy. Some examples include movie/drama theaters or a permanent drive-in theater, expanded parks and rec with community activities, and incentive for more small businesses."

"We need some Top Tier Grocery Stores and more Non Fast-food Restaurants in our community."

"More walking trails."

"I would like to see a more vibrant downtown area."

"More options for restaurants, evenings out with the family, and events for the locals. We prefer to spend our funds locally, but the options are pretty limited."

"Better public schools."

"Tear down East Wake HS and rebuild it!!  It's the biggest eye sore and worst school in Wake County!  Shameful nothing has been done in the past 8-10 years.  Total dump and people with kids won't move here. Our kids went there and it's gone down hill for 10 years straight!  Part of the school has been condemned for several years.  Outdated and needs to be torn down and rebuilt!  Other schools in Wake County have done it, why not EWHS?"

"More recreation areas."

"More sidewalks and bus routes so my teens could get around safely."

"Sidewalks on both sides of road and Greenway access."

"I would make sure every household with school age children or not has reliable, accessible affordable internet service.  AT&T is not reliable in all of my community . I have a friend who Spectrum has told it would cost her $5000 to connect her to its service."

"The inequities in the healthcare and educational system. Specifically towards the Hispanic community."

"We need black own business in this community. We need a Chick-fil-A and Zaxby's. We need a shopping mall. My community pays HOA but we only have a playground for church with one swing."    

"Good strong internet access for all residents."

"I would love to see a few more grocery store options in Wendell without having to go to Knightdale or Raleigh."

"Not to have to view all the litter/trash that is now lining the streets. Edgemont is the worst."

"I would make the mayor annex my neighborhood. All land around our neighborhood is annexed already but Maheny refuses us because he makes more off our water bill than he would off the increased taxes. This is not fair. My water is 250-300 per month. The city uses our streets but does not help with street repair. We deserve coordinated trash collection. The kids cannot even join city programs as a resident. We have no voting power for what happens around us until we are annexed.  Please have the county step in and help us."

What one community project would you like to see receive funding in your town or census tract?

"In Eagle Rock, specifically HollyBrook road, I would like to see a sidewalk installed along the entire HollyBrook road. This will allow a safer means to pedestrian travel, encourage more exercise, and allow locals to walk/bike ride to downtown."

"A pool area at the community park. Wendell, NC."

"Funding for a multipurpose youth center in downtown Wendell. Our youth have nothing to do. Tutoring, life skills, etc. Very much needed."

"Develop the land around Five County Stadium. Mixed-use housing & commercial developments to attract more to the area. Keep 87 6 lanes to the 264 split to create Zebulon as a bedroom community for Raleigh."

"543.02 Zebulon A community pool or a bigger recreation building or more updated like the Buffalo Road. Also, a better walking track."

"Zebulon 543.02 - sidewalks on Arendell/Zebulon Rd./Pippin - making Zebulon more walkable and bike-friendly."

"Zebulon- Better internet infrastructure and access. Better meaning, reliable, faster speed, and accessibility."

"544.03 A stoplight at Lizaard Lick and Riley Hill Rd crossing. 45speed limit on Edgemon5 Rd."

"543.01 - High-speed internet and making more property useable with sewers and water as well as natural gas lines for heating and cooking."

"Any projects that help older people live in their own homes. Help with repairs to homes. Help filling out forms to get help for transportation, food, repairs, and other things they may qualify for."

"A greenway would be a wonderful addition to Zebulon. In general, eastern Wake County needs a grocery store that offers fresh produce."