Found Kittens?

If you've found kittens in Wake County, read below for more information or follow this flow chart to decide what to do.

First, if the kittens are injured or critically sick, CALL ANIMAL CONTROL. You can find your jurisdiction online at

If the kittens appear to be healthy, consider these guidelines:

STOP! Can you see the mother cat OR a nest?

If yes, don't kit-nap!

A kitten's best chance of survival is with mom. Leave the kittens where they are. If you want to help, make sure mom has access to shelter, food and water and contact a TNR group to have mom and kittens fixed when ready.

If no, double-check to be sure!

Mom may be off hunting or not want to come around if people are present. Watch for her to come back for a few hours. If she does return, follow the advice above.

Not sure? Leave a ring of flour around the kittens. Check in a few hours if you see mom's footprints in the flour!

Still no sign of mom? Call Animal Control. Find your jurisdiction online at

Call us

If the kittens are healthy, older than 6 weeks and friendly, call 919-212-7387 to schedule intake at the Wake County Animal Center.

Cats are spayed/neutered, microchipped and vaccinated before adoption.

Other resources

These local groups already have some great resources: