About CCBI

CCBI, a multidisciplinary forensic services agency, comprises four divisions: Administration, Identification, Investigations and the internationally accredited Laboratory. CCBI's more than 80 employees perform such highly specialized and technical jobs as criminal arrest and civil purpose fingerprinting, crime scene investigation, crime scene fingerprint examination, firearms examination, solid dose drug chemistry, toxicology and digital evidence analysis.

Mission Statement:

The Raleigh/Wake City-County Bureau of Identification will continuously strive for perfection while setting the highest standards in crime scene investigation, forensic analysis of evidence, and collection of criminal arrest information.


Core Values:

Employees of CCBI are committed to maintaining and performing their roles in accordance with the following values:


*Integrity*  *Honor*  *Character*  *Truthfulness*  *Fairness*  *Accountability* *Professionalism*  *Courage*  *Respect for Others*  *Compassion*  *Public Trust*