EMS Academy

The Wake County EMS Academy prepares all new employees to become independent providers in the Wake County EMS System. The academy consists of classroom lecture, clinical site visits, hands-on skills practice, simulation-based learning, a Field Training and Evaluation Program (FTEP), and physical conditioning training. The Academy lasts approximately 4-6 months, depending on your individual progress. 

There are three phases of the academy: Didactic, Hybrid, and FTEP.  

Didactic Academy

The first five to seven weeks is known as the didactic period, which consists of classroom-based lecture and skill orientation. A typical day runs from 7:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, with an hour lunch break each day. 

Hybrid Academy

After the didactic period, employees are assigned to a shift with a field training officer. This section of the academy is a hybrid phase that combines the academy and field training. In addition to regular shift assignments, employees return to the academy one day per week to complete simulations, skills mastery and competencies. Upon completion of all required competencies, recruits will graduate from the academy. 

Field Training and Evaluation Process

During FTEP, employees continue to follow a regular shift schedule with a field training officer, who will help them become independent providers. Employees receive daily evaluations and debriefs from their field training officer. FTEP employees typically move to a new field training officer and station assignment every one to two months to ensure a diverse training experience. Every two to four weeks, employees will meet with their assigned training chief, district chief, and field training officer to review training goals. The final step of FTEP is Release to Practice, which is an oral interview with the Wake County EMS System Medical Directors. 

Academy class listening to a lecture
Academy recruit drills on oral intubation
Academy recruits simulate an assessment of a cardiac patient
Academy recruits simulate a cardiac arrest patient
Academy recruits discuss a mass casualty incident table top exercise
Academy recruit practices applying a tourniquet on a manikin
Academy recruits simulate HazMat exercises in protective gear
Academy recruits discuss mass casualty incident challenges