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EMS Hiring Process
Who We Are and Who Should Come Work With Us
EMS Apprenticeship Program
Our staff benefit by: 

  • Recruitment bonus for paramedic positions. Tiered amounts up to $5,000.
  • Outstanding clinical protocols that allow for flexibility, independence and critical thinking. 
  • A great clinical environment founded in continuous data-driven care. We also monitor patient outcome data from our receiving hospitals and provide feedback to field providers. 
  • Excellent relationships with our region's hospitals and first-responder agencies. 
  • Employee referral bonus of $1,000 for new Paramedics.
  • Competitive pay and benefits. 
    • Starting salary based on experience.  
    • A comprehensive county benefits package that includes health and dental insurance, local government retirement and a 5% "no match required" contribution to your 401(k) account.  
    • Tuition reimbursement of up to $1,200 per year after one year of service. 
  • based on distance traveled and IRS qualified moving expenses guidelines. 
  • State-of-the-art equipment, including: 
    • Type III ambulances on a 4-year replacement cycle. 
    • Physiologic monitoring devices.
    • 800-MHz digital radio system. 
    • Emergency Medical Dispatch support. 
  • Station-based units operating on 12-hour shifts. 
  • A full-time, board-certified and EMS fellowship-trained EMS system director and medical director. He is supported by a fulltime deputy medical director and by continuously hosted EMS Physician Fellows. 
  • Paid continuing medical education featuring frequent instruction by our own physicians as well as guest faculty in our modern education center. We regularly provide "just in time" training based on our recent clinical and operational experiences. 
  • An outstanding field training and evaluation program, which offers great support for inexperienced staff and great flexibility for experienced staff. Whatever your level of experience, we'll take you from "paramedic" to "Wake County Paramedic" with all the support that you need. 
  • Individually issued personal protective equipment, including full turnout gear and respiratory protection. All uniforms are provided, including boots and belts. 
  • Internal EMT to Paramedic program.
  • Career opportunities include both special operations and promotional opportunities. 
    • Special operations are in addition to regular ambulance duties 
      • Tactical EMS Team 
      • Major Operations Support Unit, a responder rehab/MCI unit 
      • EVAC-1, a multiple patient bus ambulance 
      • Hazardous Materials/Urban Search and Rescue Medical Support that responds with our regional HazMat and USAR Teams 
      • EMS Bike Response Team for special events 
      • Venue Team, which operates on foot or in an EMS cart for special events 
      • Specialized teams trained to work with NC State football and/or Carolina Hurricanes hockey teams 
      • Clinical preceptor for EMS students 
      • EMS Honor Guard 
    • Potential promotional opportunities 
      • Field Training Officer (this position includes regular ambulance duties) 
      • Advanced Practice Paramedic 
      • District Chief 
      • Administration, including: 
        • Operations 
        • Office of Medical Affairs 
        • Office of Professional Development 
        • Support Services, including logistics and technology 
        • Scheduling and Special Events Coordination 
        • Community Outreach and Public Information 
        • Compliance and Safety 
  • Regular opportunities to pick up overtime shifts after medical clearance, but no forced overtime. 
  • Regular opportunities to cover games and special events for the Carolina Hurricanes, NC State Wolfpack, major outdoor music venues and the NC State Fair. There are also a multitude of other events to cover, such as marathons, 5Ks, downtown festivals, parades and smaller sporting events. 
  • A variety of opportunities to participate in everything from equipment selection to our Employee Engagement Team to our system peer review team. 
  • A family-like approach to maintaining a workplace that's safe for all who want to come practice EMS here. We’re focused on continuing to enrich ourselves and enhance the service we provide through a regular focus on diversity, equality and inclusivity. We work to develop and maintain a culture of anti-racism and antidiscrimination by all measures. This is a place to bring your whole self. 
  • The Wake County area regularly receives accolades from a variety of national publications as a great place to work and live. Learn more about Wake County. 

EMS Hiring Process
Who We Are and Who Should Come Work With Us
EMS Apprenticeship Program

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Wake County is an Equal Opportunity Employer