$60 Subscription Program

$60 EMS subscription brochure cover with image of a Wake County ambulance

Emergencies Happen 

Everyone experiences emergencies from time to time. They're simply a part of life. Unfortunately, they're also costly. For instance, a typical emergency ambulance transport can often exceed $500, and most insurance providers, including Medicare, will not cover the full amount of an ambulance bill. 

The Wake County EMS $60 Subscription

Fortunately, we offer all residents of Wake County relief from the direct cost of ambulance services. For $60 per year, you and all permanent residents of your household can receive emergency 9-1-1 ambulance service anywhere in Wake County as many times as needed. Your annual subscription fee relieves you of any direct costs of 9-1-1 ambulance service not paid by your insurance. Your coverage begins two days after receipt of your payment and ends on Dec. 31.

In addition to your family's coverage, all the money from your subscription membership is returned to Wake EMS. This provides valuable operating funds to ensure the continued high level of emergency medical care that you have come to expect. 

Important Information on Subscription Periods

New members joining for the 2024 subscription year may begin signing up on Nov. 1, 2023.

Current members wanting to renew for 2024 will receive renewal notices in the fall of 2023.

Here's How to Join

You can join the $60 Subscription Program by calling 844-239-6690, or you can join online.

Join Today!

Information You'll Need to Join

  • Activation Code: WAKE
  • Residential address and mailing address
  • Email address
  • Phone 
  • Name and birth date for all permanent household residents 
  • Credit card or checking account information
  • Social security numbers are used to match your subscription with patient care records 

More Program Information

Contact the Wake County EMS Subscription if you have any changes or additions to your household during the year.  

Your Wake County EMS Subscription covers EMERGENCY 911 TRANSPORTS by Wake County EMS from Wake County to the nearest appropriate hospital. The subscription does not cover non-emergency or air transport. Your insurance will be billed each time you use the program.  

You will receive emergency ambulance transport regardless of your participation in this program.