Harris Nuclear Program

Harris Nuclear Cooling Tower

As the host county for Harris Nuclear Power Plant, Wake County is identified as a Harris Nuclear Plant risk county. This means Wake County Emergency Management oversees a robust nuclear preparedness program. Staff maintain emergency plans, conduct trainings and exercises, and coordinate closely with Duke Energy, neighboring risk counties, the State of North Carolina and various federal agencies to ensure public safety. In the unlikely event of an emergency at the Harris Nuclear Power Plant, Wake County Emergency Management will coordinate activities to warn, notify and protect the public. 

Harris Nuclear Plant Preparedness

Preparedness information, as well as information on Sirens and Emergency Broadcasts, is available on the Duke Energy Harris Nuclear Preparedness website.

Harris Nuclear Plant Safety and Security

To find out more about the safety and security measures taken at Harris Nuclear Plant, visit Duke Energy's Nuclear Safety and Security website.

Questions about Harris Nuclear Plant Preparedness in Wake County?

Contact Wake County Emergency Management 919-856-6480.