Volunteer and Donation Opportunities

Health & Human Services has several outreach programs that depend on community volunteers and donations.

Are you looking to get involved in your community? Do you want to make a difference? Then volunteering may be a great fit for you. There are a number of opportunities available to meet your talents.

If you want to provide financial or in-kind support for projects and programs hosted by Wake County Health & Human Services, then we welcome a discussion about the ways you can direct your tax-deductible gifts.

Disaster Response
Would you like to help your neighbors who have been impacted by a disaster in our area, but not sure how to help? We may be able to connect you with the right opportunities.

Learn about volunteering and donating

Submit a Volunteer Application

The volunteer application process begins by submitting a Volunteer Inquiry, which will help us understand your interests and skill set.

Based on the information you provide; we will reach out to let you know if we have any available positions that may be a good fit.

Please note that most volunteer positions within the agency will require criminal background and sex offender registry checks. Professional license checks will also be conducted (when applicable).

As we consider the valuable contributions of our volunteers to be an extension of our workforce, volunteers will be subject to the same codes of ethical conduct as paid employees. A copy of the county's General Rules of Conduct is available by request.

Community Based Volunteer Opportunities

If we are unable to find a good match within our organization, then we are happy to provide you with more information about community based organizations that may have opportunities available.

Make a Financial Donation

Many of our programs and projects rely on the generous financial contributions of concerned citizens to assist low resource families. We welcome a conversation with you to discuss the ways in which we can align your giving preferences to community needs.

Make an In-Kind Donation

Many of our projects and programs are grateful to receive donations of materials and supplies for distribution to families in need. We welcome a conversation with you to discuss the ways in which we can align your giving preferences to community needs.

How you can help during or after a disaster

No one knows when or how the next emergency will occur. Fires, floods and tornadoes can strike anywhere, at any time.

What we do know is that Wake County residents will reach out to help our affected neighbors in their time of greatest need.

When a disaster is great enough to activate the Wake County Emergency Operations Center and open our shelter facilities, efficiency is critical to success.

Visit our Volunteering or Donating After a Disaster page to learn how you can plan to help the next time an emergency occurs. Knowing in advance how you can help will streamline the emergency response and ensure that help is available to victims during all phases of recovery.

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