Father Engagement Services

Father and son having fun on the floor

Father Engagement Services is committed to providing prevention, intervention and advocacy for fathers working towards reunification and/or family preservation. 

Learn more about the services that Wake County Child Welfare offers to support fathers and their relatives of children involved in child abuse and neglect reports. Services address family stability, safety, co-parenting and self-sufficiency so that families continue to grow and develop.  

Goals of Fatherhood Engagement

  • To increase reunification rates between fathers and their children 
  • To increase self-sufficiency among fathers 
  • To increase the engagement of fathers in the lives of their children  
  • To provide culturally relevant, father-friendly services to all Wake County 

Who Do We Serve?

  • Fathers involved with Wake County Child Welfare Programs 
  • Fathers/males in Wake County that are committed to having a positive impact in the lives of children in their care and in their community   

What do we offer?

  • One-on-One Coaching 
  • D.A.D.S. Support Group 
  • Community Education 
  • Information, Linkage, and Referrals to services 

For more information,

Phone: 919-250-4597 
Email: fatherengagement.services@wake.gov