School Health

Health and education leaders recognize that there is a direct connection between health and learning. The School Health Program supports the Wake County Public School System by providing case management, health education and consultation in order to remove health related barriers to learning.  

School nurses promote the health, safety and educational success of school age children in Wake County by serving students, families and school staff. 

Wake County Health & Human Services' school nurses do much more than just apply bandages, take temperatures and dispense medication! The top three problems reported by teachers today are abuse and neglect, poor health and nutritional deficits. School nurses are on the front lines to help with all of these issues and more. 

Students are entering school with more medical problems than in the past. For example, we now have children in regular classrooms who receive daily tube feedings. School staff are also assisting with medical procedures such as catheterizations, learning to administer insulin to diabetic children, and other emergency injections. School nurses provide medical expertise, the training of teachers and staff, and the monitoring of students with routine and special needs. School nurses work with other Health & Human Services programs that address substance abuse, mental and physical illness, nutrition, dental problems, obesity and preventive health care measures. 

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