Race Equity FAQs

A list of common questions with clear, helpful answers about how to respond to and/or approach racial equity initiatives, inquiries and processes that help address/dispel misconceptions

Why does our county have a Division of Race Equity?

The Division of Race Equity exists to address historical and systemic racial disparities within our community. It recognizes that achieving racial equity is not only a moral imperative but also vital for the overall well-being and prosperity of our county. By focusing on race, we aim to rectify long-standing injustices and create a more equitable and inclusive community for all residents.

What is the primary goal of the Division of Race Equity?

The primary goal of the Division of Race Equity is to eliminate racial disparities in all aspects of life within our county. This includes but is not limited to education, employment, healthcare, housing, and criminal justice. We are committed to creating an environment where every individual, regardless of their racial background, has equal opportunities and access to resources.

How does racial equity benefit our community as a whole?

Racial equity benefits our community by fostering greater social cohesion, economic prosperity, and overall well-being. When everyone has a fair and equitable chance to succeed, our community becomes stronger and more vibrant. Racial equity contributes to reduced poverty, improved educational outcomes, better public health, and a more inclusive and thriving economy.

What can the community expect from the Division of Race Equity in terms of initiatives and programs?

The community can expect a range of initiatives and programs aimed at addressing racial disparities. These may include educational workshops, community dialogues, policy reforms, and collaborations with local organizations. We have successfully conducted four Town Hall meetings across the County to normalize this conversation regarding race and get the community involved in helping us do so. The Division is dedicated to transparency and community engagement, and we encourage active participation from residents.

What specific actions is the Division taking to address racial disparities in our county?

The Division is taking concrete actions such as data collection and analysis to identify disparities, implementing policy changes to promote equity, and working closely with community partners to address systemic issues. The Blueprint to Dismantle Systemic Racism is a guide for the county that includes the goals we aim to accomplish over the next ten years. We are committed to evidence-based strategies that lead to measurable improvements in racial equity.

How will the Division of Race Equity engage with the community to promote understanding and collaboration?

The Division will engage with the community through outreach, public forums, and partnerships with local organizations. We value community input and actively seek feedback to inform our initiatives. We believe that collaboration and open dialogue are essential for creating lasting change.

What measurable outcomes or changes does the Division aim to achieve in the long term?

The Division aims to achieve measurable outcomes such as reduced racial disparities in education, employment, healthcare, and criminal justice. We seek to create an environment where all residents experience equitable opportunities and access to resources, resulting in a more equitable and thriving community.

How is the Division working to ensure that racial equity is integrated into county policies and practices?

The Division seeks to collaborate with public and private sectors to advance the discussion to reimagine systems through a racial equity lens. From community initiatives to training and resources, the Division seeks to ensure that racial equity considerations are integrated into the decision-making process.

Are there any specific areas or sectors within the county that the Division is focusing on to address racial disparities?

The Division focuses on four major areas: Health, Education, Economic Mobility and Criminal Justice. Our efforts are guided by data and community needs, allowing us to target areas where racial disparities are most pronounced.

How can individuals and organizations in the community actively support the Division's efforts towards racial equity?

Individuals and organizations can support our efforts by participating in our initiatives, advocating for policy changes, promoting diversity and inclusion within their own organizations, and engaging in open and respectful dialogues about racial equity.   

Organizations can also sign up and join A Better Wake.  A Better Wake started with a collection of leaders from a diverse cross-section of organizations – all with the desire to address racism and dismantle any systems that negatively impact black and brown residents. Participating leaders believe that this renewed energy for change is more than a moment, but rather a movement.  A Better Wake is now calling for your help. As community members and organizations, we ask for your support of our collective commitment to dismantle systemic racism.