Crowder Everyone's Welcome

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Accessibility Statement

Crowder County Park welcomes all visitors and affirms its commitment to offering programs and services that are accessible to everyone. We will make every effort to ensure that visitors of all abilities are fully included in all our programs and facilities.

Visitors Who Are Blind or Partially Sighted

Crowder County Park is currently in the process of creating a mobile tour that will include a recorded audio version of the property tour.

Visitors Who Are Deaf

Crowder County Park is currently in the process of creating a mobile tour that will include a text version of the property tour.

Visitors on the Autism Spectrum

image of binder with resources such as brochures and schedules

We welcome families with children and adults on the autism spectrum. The following resources will help you plan for an enjoyable visit.

Crowder County Park is a 33-acre site, with three walking trails, playgrounds, and picnic areas. Preparing for your visit a few days beforehand can make for a more manageable and enjoyable experience. The following tips will help in your planning:


  • “My Crowder Park” Visual Schedule: Download, print and complete the “My Crowder Park” Visual Schedule before visiting the park. It includes a visual checklist with location and communication cards that will help you and your child design and prepare for your visit.

  • StoryWalk® at Crowder Park Social Narrative : Download and print this social narrative before coming out to Crowder Park to enjoy the monthly StoryWalk®.

  • “My Crowder Park Pack": This pack is available to borrow and check out at the parks front office. This can be found in our Discovery Box bin, located in front of the park office door. The kit includes a customizable visual schedule, maps, sensory-seeking toys, noise-reducing headphones and suggestions for making your visit an enjoyable experience. 

  • Sensory supports: Noise-reducing head phones and various sensory-seeking toys are available to borrow any time during our operating hours on a first-come, first-served basis. 


Read our Tips for a Successful Visit.

Check out our social narrative for an independent family visit to Crowder County Park.

If you plan on attending a program here at Crowder, make sure to check out our social narrative for a nature program at Crowder.