ADU Requirements & Eligibility

Accessory Dwelling Unit Illustrations

According to Wake County Unified Development Ordinance (UDO), an ADU is a secondary dwelling unit that is subordinate to the primary dwelling.

It can either be:

  1. A part of the primary dwelling (including an addition), or
  2. Detached, on the same lot as the primary dwelling.  

Basic Requirements

Graphic showing ADU basic requirements

An ADU must be able to function as an independent living facility, equipped with a kitchen, provisions for sanitation and sleeping. There must also be at least one off-street parking space in addition to what is required for the primary dwelling.  

Other planning and zoning regulations will likely apply since every ADU project is site-specific. The best source for a comprehensive list of requirements is an ADU Ally. We recommend you contact us at 919-856-6335 before you get started. 

Guides and Tools

Use the eligibility guide and follow the iMAPS instructions below to determine if your property is eligible for an ADU under Wake County planning jurisdiction.