ADU Resources

Accessory Dwelling Unit Illustrations

As you begin to plan your ADU, you may find some of the additional resources below helpful in understanding the overall process and taking your next steps. 

We advise that you hire a designer, licensed architect or engineer to design the ADU and a licensed contractor to build it; some companies provide both or provide prefabricated units. Most people think of an architect only when they need a set of construction plans drawn up. In reality, an architect can help you with most of the steps in the ADU process. They can prepare plans based on your design needs or considerations, prepare materials specifications, help you find a contractor, develop contracts, get permits, supervise construction, handle paperwork, oversee the budget and make sure the job gets done correctly within the budget and on time. And, at the end of the job, make sure you get all your warranties and guarantees, as well as the appropriate releases from suppliers and contractors.