PLANWake Comprehensive Plan

residents give input at Holly Springs farmers market
A resident takes a survey about the future of Wake County

Wake County is growing rapidly, and PLANWake charts a course to guide growth over the next 10 years. In cooperation with the 13 municipalities in the county, PLANWake recommends an intentional growth framework and uses the Development Framework Map to identify areas of the county optimal for new development in the short term. PLANWake's vision is to create a county that is inclusive and equitable, healthy and active, and sustainable and vibrant. 

Development Framework Map

The plan was adopted by the Wake County Board of Commissioners on April 5, 2021. This page has the key documents created during the PLANWake process. This page will be updated as the county takes steps to implement the recommendations of PLANWake. 

What's Happening Now

  1. The Middle Creek Area Plan is next to be studied in the area planning process. To provide feedback or to stay up-to-date, visit the Middle Creek webpage.
  2. The Lower Swift Creek Area Plan was adopted. To view the plan, visit the Lower Swift Creek webpage.
  3. The metrics identified in PLANWake are now available to be tracked via the new PLANWake Metrics Dashboard.
  4. The Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) revision process is underway and changes are being considered with input from key stakeholders. To give feedback on UDO revisions or just to stay up-to-date, visit the PLANWake UDO webpage.
  5. The Wake County Board of Commissioners adopted an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan in September 2022. The amendment relates to Activity Centers, a land use classification that identifies areas appropriate for nonresidential development. The amended plan can be found below.

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