Wake County Register of Deeds | Tammy Brunner

Benefits of eRecording

Electronic Document Recording Workflow

The Wake County Register of Deeds is pleased to announce that the Registry is now accepting all documents types for electronic recording (eRecording). Beginning Wednesday, September 1st, 2021, the Wake County Register of Deeds is accepting electronic recording (eRecording) of plat/subdivision and condominium maps.

This service expansion will greatly benefit the citizens of Wake County by streamlining the recording process. Among the benefits of electronic recording to our customers and to Wake County's taxpayers, are the following:

  • Quick Turnaround – Documents are quickly recorded and returned to the submitter electronically.
  • Increase Document Security – Filing electronically increases document security.
  • Save Money – Online submitters can avoid the expenses of mailing and no longer need to incur costs related to traveling to our office and the hand delivery of their documents.
  • Save Time – Staff time is saved for both the submitter and the Register of Deeds, which reduces costs on both ends.
  • Automation – Electronic recording automates the recording process and reduces the resources needed to record.
  • Feedback – The Register of Deeds can review documents for statutory requirements and immediately send feedback when necessary.

The Wake County Register of Deeds encourages you to consider the benefits of electronic recording. To learn about the requirements for electronic recording, click on this link.