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Electronic Recording Requirements

​The Wake County Register of Deeds is accepting all documents for electronic recording (eRecording). Electronic recording results in greater efficiency and better use of public and private resources. Productivity increases by minimizing time requirements and reducing costs.

Financial institutions, law firms and other businesses involved in real estate transactions achieve great benefits from electronic recording by eliminating the manual processing effort required by traditional document recording.

To learn more about the benefits of eRecording, click on this link.

Requirements to become an authorized submitter:

Financial and legal companies (title companies, banks, attorneys, etc.) that would like to submit documents electronically to the Wake County Register of Deeds must first select one of our authorized eRecording providers:

Once you have selected your provider, please contact them using the contact information above. They will instruct you on how to complete a Submitter Agreement. Once you have submitted the completed form back to your provider, they will process it, then forward it to us. You will then receive an email within two business days from us containing your unique identification number that is required to submit documents electronically with The Wake County Register of Deeds.

Requirements to become an authorized provider:

Electronic recording providers that would like to become an authorized eRecording provider for the Wake County Register of Deeds must be approved as required by N.C.G.S. § 47-14(a1).

For more information about becoming approved as an authorized eRecording provider or as a submitter, please email ROD-EMOUSubmission@wake.gov.