Bill Copies & Address Changes

Find out how to access copies of your current and past tax bills as well as how to update your mailing address.

Statements of Vehicle Property Taxes Paid

Statements of vehicle property taxes paid to the NCDMV at the time of registration are not available on the County's website. To obtain a statement of the property taxes paid for your vehicles, visit NCDMV online.

Statements for Real Estate, Business and Personal Property Taxes

Statements for these property types can be obtained by using our Online Tax Bill Search or by emailing your request to Requests should include the tax account number (if available), the name on the bill, and a description of the property. If you submit a partial payment, a balance due statement will automatically be mailed to you.

Mailing address updates

Real Estate, Business and Personal Property

Mailing address updates can be submitted for real estate, business and personal property accounts by emailing

Registered Motor Vehicles

For registered motor vehicles, address changes should be made with the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles (NCDMV).  

Looking to Pay Taxes

View the payment options page to see how to pay your bill or pay online.