Tax Bill Help

Find information on accessing duplicate statements, when tax bills are mailed and the tax bill fiscal year. Read more information about if real estate was sold during the year. 

Duplicate Statements

Statements for real estate, business and personal property taxes, excluding registered motor vehicles, are available on our Online Tax Bill Search or by emailing your request to Requests should include the tax account number (if available), the name on the bill, and a description of the property. If you submit a partial payment, a balance due statement will automatically be mailed to you.

Statements for vehicle property taxes paid to the NCDMV at the time of registration are not available on the County’s website. To obtain a statement of the property taxes paid for your vehicle, call the NCDMV at 919-814-1779 or email your request to their service center.

If the vehicle is sold or moved out of state during the tax year, you may be entitled to an adjustment of the bill.

Annual Real Estate, Business & Personal Property Mailings

Annual tax bills are normally mailed to property owners in July of each year. If you do not receive your tax statement by September 1, please contact our office to request a duplicate.

Tax bills are not mailed to mortgage companies. Most lenders electronically access and retrieve tax data directly from our system, eliminating the need for a paper copy of the bill.

Real estate accounts that were paid through an escrow account in the prior year do not receive a bill in July. In a reappraisal year, all real estate accounts will receive a bill, even if paid through an escrow account in the previous year. Statements for real estate, business and personal property can be printed using our Online Tax Bill Search.

Annual tax bills are calculated for the fiscal taxing period of July 1 through June 30. They are not based on a calendar year. (Example: A bill issued in July 2024 would cover the period of July 1, 2024, through June 30, 2025.) 

Property taxes not paid in full by January 5 following billing are assessed an interest charge of 2% for the month of January and an additional 3/4 of 1% each month thereafter.

Real Estate Sold During the Year

If you sold your real estate between January and June and do not have a remaining interest in any portion of the property, you should not receive the annual tax notice mailed in July. This notice should be mailed to the current owners, and they are responsible for ensuring timely payment.

For real estate sold after the annual July billing, and before the bill becomes delinquent in January, a statement for the unpaid tax will be mailed to the new owner. If the seller does not have a remaining interest in any portion of the property, they may disregard the original notice, as the new owner is responsible for payment.