North Wake Landfill

The North Wake Landfill disposed of most of Wake County’s household waste for more than 20 years until the site reached capacity and closed in 2008. After disposal operations came to an end, the landfill was turned into Green Hills County Park.

Curved section of Top of Hill Trail showing the actual top of the hill

The North Wake Landfill no longer receives waste, is under post-closure maintenance and is open to visitors during park hours. 

Hours of Operation

  • Open: Daily from 8 a.m. until sunset. Check sign at park entrance for sunset/closing time.
  • Closed: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year's Day. 

Additional Information

Post-Closure Use

In 2004, the North Wake Landfill Citizens Committee was formed as part of the post-closure planning process to seek ideas from local residents as to how the site will be used after the active landfill closed. The committee met monthly for more than a year to assist the County in the development of the North Wake Post Closure Land Use Plan

When the landfill closed, the first phase of the land use plan started construction and in 2010, the Green Hills County Park opened. The first phase of the land use plan also included the development of an elementary school and an athletic and community recreation complex on the property next to the landfill. The Abbotts Creek Elementary School opened in 2015.

The second phase of the land use plan includes a dog park and an education center to name but a few proposed additions. It is expected these additions will take place as funding becomes available.

Where Is North Wake Landfill?

The landfill is at 9300 Deponie Drive in north Raleigh. 

Is the North Wake Landfill open?

No. Garbage has not been buried there since 2008. 

What kind of waste was disposed of at the North Wake Landfill during its operation?

The landfill was permitted to accept municipal solid waste, which includes household garbage, waste from businesses and construction debris.

How big is the North Wake Landfill?

The North Wake Landfill sits on approximately 219 acres and includes three separate landfills:

  • 70 acre lined municipal Subtitle D solid waste landfill operated from 1996 to 2008;
  • 6 acre unlined construction and demolition landfill operated from 2000 to 2003;
  • 33 acre unlined municipal solid waste landfill operated from 1986 to 1997;

What measures have been taken to reduce the environmental impact of the unlined landfill at North Wake?

A synthetic cap was installed to reduce the ability of landfill leachate to enter groundwater. Monitoring stations were also installed to detect any groundwater contamination before it could pose a risk to the environment or public health.

Where can I find environmental monitoring reports for North Wake Landfill?

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