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We are delighted you have reached Wake County 4-H clubs and programs. Please enroll in 4-H Online as a ‘Member at Large’ and contact the 4-H Leader to set up a visit. You will receive an email from our office about which club you wish to join after you have enrolled as a member. There is no fee to join 4-H, however, some clubs may have an annual fee to join.

Cary 4-H Club

Cary 4-H Club Cary

Homeschool general community 4-H club that covers community service, public speaking, and leadership activities.

Open to all ages 5-19!

Contact: Jennifer Roberts at cary4Hclub@gmail.com

Come Together

Come Together 4-H Club Raleigh

General community 4-H club that covers community service, public speaking, and leadership activities. Meets monthly in Eastern Wake County.

Age: 8+

Contact: Linda Yon at lfyon@yahoo.com

East Wake Explorers

East Wake Explorers 4-H Club Wendell

General community 4-H club that covers community service, public speaking, and leadership activities.

Open to all ages 5-19!

Contact: Avery Malone at EastWakeExplorers4H@gmail.com

GIS Mapping

GIS Mapping 4-H Clubs Various Locations

Youth learn about geographic information systems (GIS) and mapping software. Community service projects are a frequent activity with youth using their technology skills on community impact projects such as mapping food deserts, gathering data for the Youth Thrive mobile app, and more. Club members have the opportunity to compete for spots on the National 4-H GIS Team.

Age: Upper Middle or High School

Contact: Thomas Ray at thomas.ray@wake.gov

Growing Minds

Growing Minds 4-H Club Southeast Raleigh

Growing Minds 4-H club is focused on creating learning opportunities in agriculture for youth. Members will participate in activities and service projects that incorporate a variety of topics including animals, gardening, pollinators, and beekeeping. Through these experiences, the club will also serve as a space to encourage leadership and public speaking skills in its members. The club is located on 17 acres in Southeast Raleigh where the club garden and beehive are on site.

Age: 5–18

Contact: Gabby Sari at growingminds4h@gmail.com 

Halvorsen Family Farm

Halvorsen Family Farm Northern Wake County/ Youngsville area

Agricultural Science and Horses. The Halvorsen Farm welcomes youth to learn about horses, cattle, goats and much more on the farm. The club is focused on creating learning opportunities in agriculture for youth. Members will participate in activities and service projects that incorporate a variety of topics encouraging  leadership and public speaking skills in its members.

Age: 7–18

Contact: Bill Halvorsen at bhalvors@gmail.com

Happy Hooves

Happy Hooves 4-H Club Wendell

Horse club in Wendell open to youth with and without horses. Members participate in service projects, learn about horsemanship and have the opportunity to develop leadership skills and so much more.

Open to all ages 5-19!

Contact: Caitlin Gooch at happyhooves919@gmail.com

Horse Science/Husbandry Study Group

Horse Science/Husbandry Study Group & 4-H Club

Members of 4-H interested in horses may join this group to study all aspects of equines to prepare them to compete in various horse program competitions. Horse Bowl allows members to use their knowledge of horses and related subject matter to compete in a four-member team against other teams. Hippology blends knowledge and skills acquired in horse judging, bowls, public speaking, and presentations as an individual. Horse Judging consists of four-member teams and individual judges placing several classes of conformation (halter) and performance classes after learning good conformation, breed character, and performance ideals in different breeds of horses.

Contact: Beth Morgan at morganbeth50@gmail.com

Junior Master Gardeners

Junior Master Gardeners 4-H Clubs West Raleigh

Junior Master Gardeners meet to learn about plants, wildlife, and soil science. The JMG group is comprised of several different clubs that meet in one location in different rooms: the Weedbusters 4-H Club, Dandelion Paws 4-H Club, and Sunflowers 4-H Club. Youth are divided into different rooms for age-appropriate activities. Public speaking is encouraged for all club members. Meetings will be held at the JC Raulston Arboretum. The address is 4415 Beryl Road, Raleigh, NC 27606. Directions to JCRA are available from the jcra.ncsu.edu website. Meetings at the JCRA will be held on the 3rd Thursday of each month.

Open to all ages 5-19!

Contact: Jason Botts at bottsjw@mac.com

Juniper Level

Juniper Level 4-H Club Garner

General community 4-H club that covers community service, public speaking, and leadership activities. Focus on science, health, agriculture, and civic engagement. 

Open to all ages 5-19!

Contact: Antoinette Etheridge at aethridge0227@gmail.com


Juntos 4-H Clubs

East Wake High School, Neuse River Middle, Vernon Malone High School

Juntos is an in and after-school Club for Latino students and their families to gain knowledge, skills, and resources to ensure high school graduation and broaden post-secondary career and academic opportunities.

Contact: Bryan Guzman at bguzman.juntos@gmail.com

Liberation Out Loud

Liberation Out Loud (LOL) 4-H Program Raleigh

Liberation Out Loud is a group for high school students that will support them as they find ways to use their passions and talents to work for collective liberation by showing up for their communities and each other. LOL helps high schoolers connect their passions with opportunities to serve their community and work for social justice.

Age: High School

Contact: Bev Schieman at blschiem@ncsu.edu

Livestock Critters Club

Wake County 4-H Livestock Critters Club West Raleigh

The goals of this club are to:

  • Expand members' animal science knowledge and skills. 
  • Promote members' connectedness with each other, nature, and animals
  • Foster members’ development of life skills, including self-confidence, teamwork, money management, animal husbandry, and routine chores.

Members meet monthly.

Open to all ages 5-19!

Contact: Clint Stevenson at clintdstevenson@gmail.com


Muddybugs 4-H Club Raleigh

This community club covers a variety of topics including animals, insects, and gardening. The focus is on having fun while learning with friends! The club meets at members’ homes.

Open to all ages 5-19!

Contact: Liz Driscoll at liz_driscoll@ncsu.edu

Poultry Pack

Poultry Pack 4-H Club West Raleigh

Members will have an opportunity to study embryology, including incubating and hatching eggs, following their hatched chicks in a basic feeding trial where they will weigh their birds, analyze results, and draw conclusions. These birds then may become a backyard flock project for interested 4-H members. Each year members will have the opportunity to do presentations at the 4-H egg cookery, chicken and turkey grilling competitions, or poultry production presentations at the district, state, and possibly even national events. Our club members will train and compete on either an Avian Bowl Team or a Poultry Judging Team. The youth may participate in the market turkey show at the NC State Fair. Each year we will do a community service project which the members will choose.  

Meetings are the last Friday of every month from 3:30-5:30pm

Open to all ages 5-19!

Contact club leader Mary Fosnaught, the Poultry Science 4-H & Youth Extension Specialist, 919.515.5529 or mhfosnau@ncsu.edu for more details.

Rolesville Livestock

Rolesville Livestock 4-H Club Rolesville and Northeast Wake

Rolesville Livestock Club introduces youth to livestock showmanship and evaluation as well as to build future leaders and increase agricultural literacy within the community.

Contact: Daniel Beasley at dbeasley@wcpss.net

Teen Council

Wake County 4-H Teen Council Southeast Raleigh

Wake County 4-H Teen Council helps build skills such as leadership, citizenship, communication, financial management, and self-resilience. Teens experience working with new, diverse peers through an informal self-governance style. Teen Council members meet monthly to plan and implement 4-H educational programs, as well as community service and social activities.

Ages: 13-19

Contact: Daniel Bulatek at Daniel.Bulatek@wakegov.com

Whale Robotics

Whale Robotics 4-H Club Raleigh/Cary

Whale Robotics is for high school students serious about learning about robotics and interested in competition. 

Contact: Vinay Bhargava at bvin2k@gmail.com