Wake County to invest $6 million in projects to address unmet community needs

Wake County is now accepting proposals from local nonprofits interested in competing for funding to help address important unmet needs in our community. The county proposes investing $6 million over the next two years in projects with strong business plans that will solve countywide problems.

“We encourage our local partners to create a compelling and detailed business case that clearly identifies how it will achieve success,” said Wake County Commissioner James West. “We’ll award funds to the projects that will do the most good for Wake County’s most vulnerable residents.”

Past projects funded by this process include construction of the Southeast Raleigh YMCA portion of the building it shares with the elementary school, and The Green Chair’s purchase and renovation of the organization’s Capital Boulevard location.

The Wake County Board of Commissioners identified this funding for nonprofit community organizations to support their capital needs through investments that will:

  • Enhance opportunities for partnerships between the public, nonprofit and for-profit sectors; and
  • Address critical countywide problems and needs in an effective and financially sustainable way.

This year’s process includes the Impact Fund, a grant award pathway for local nonprofits with fewer staff and financial resources. Wake County will designate approximately $500,000 of the total funds for capital projects at qualifying organizations. The Impact Fund intends to fund smaller capital projects and requires less documentation in the grant application process.

A team of Wake County staff and community representatives will evaluate the proposals submitted and make recommendations to the commissioners in February 2024. The board is expected to decide in March 2024 which proposals to fund.

The work group will review the business plans associated with each proposal based on their ability to:

  • Provide a comprehensive analysis of an unmet need;
  • Demonstrate a clear link between the project initiatives and resolution of the countywide problem;
  • Include a mechanism to track and measure success; and
  • Show a need for county capital investment for project success.

For more information about how to submit a proposal, visit our website.

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