Community Partners

Wake County Animal Center Partner logos

The Wake County Animal Center collaborates with a variety of Community Partners to help with placement of animals, community outreach and educational opportunities.  Some of our partners are highlighted below.

Friends of Wake County Animal Center

Friends of Wake County Animal Center, also known as FWCAC, is dedicated to improving the quality of life for animals in our community and their human families. To find out more about the Friends of Wake County Animal Center and how to help, click here.  To follow them on Facebook, click here

Kids 4 Critters

Kids 4 Critters is a program teaching 4th grade students to reflect upon the condition of animals in Wake County, N.C. to respond to the needs of these animals, to treat animals with respect, and to understand and appreciate the great rewards of pet ownership. To learn more about Kids 4 Critters and volunteer opportunities, click here. To follow them on Facebook, click here

NCSU VetPAC Program

The goal of VetPAC is to provide NC State students and alumni the guidance, resources, and experience necessary to become uniquely competitive veterinary school applicants.  Two internships available are in partnership with the Wake County Animal Center - Shelter Medicine Internship and Feline Health Internship.  To find out more about this program, click here

Shannon Johnstone - Photographer

Shannon Johnstone & Puppy

Some of the amazing photographs you see throughout our website are courtesy of Mary Shannon Johnstone.  All of the dogs, cats and little critters have been at the Wake County Animal Center and are representative of the population we serve every day. 

The dog photos were all part of her "Landfill Dogs" project.  "Landfill Dogs" has been featured in national and international exhibitions and magazines, and was on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer in December 2014, and CNN's website in November 2014.  To see more photographs and find out more about this project, please check out her website dedicated to this project:  Landfill Dogs

Mary Shannon Johnstone is a tenured Associate Professor at Meredith College in Raleigh, NC.  To see more of Shannon's work and learn more about her other projects, check out her website here.