Campaign Finance Information

Where should the forms be filed?

County and Municipal committees in Wake send all forms and reports by manual delivery or by mail to the Wake County Board of Elections (Attn: Campaign Finance) at:

In Person: 1200 N. New Hope Rd., Raleigh, NC  27610

By Mail: PO Box 695, Raleigh, NC  27602

If using the U.S. Postal Service, certified mail is strongly recommended.

Who should register as a political committee with the Wake County Board of Elections?

Any candidate, referendum committee or political action committee as defined in N.C.G.S. §163-278.6 must register by filing the appropriate organizational paperwork. Those persons filing campaign finance forms with the Wake County Board of Elections are treasurers for committees supporting/opposing:​

  • Wake County Board of Commissioners candidates
  • Wake County Sheriff candidates
  • Wake County Clerk of Superior Court candidates
  • Wake County Register of Deeds candidates
  • Wake County Soil & Water Conservation District Supervisor candidates
  • Mayor and City/Town Council/Commissioner candidates in Wake County Municipalities
  • Wake County Board of Education candidates
  • Referenda/Bonds and other ballot issues strictly within the confines of Wake County

What are the Report Due Dates?

Reports are due upon organizing a committee until the committee takes action with the Board of Elections to close or become inactive.

The Organizational Report (not to be confused with the Statement of Organization) is due within 10 days of the committee's Date Organized. The committee shall file scheduled reports thereafter, depending on the office/contest involved and the election year.

Candidates who certify under the $1,000 threshold (CRO-3600) at the beginning of an election cycle are exempt from filing reports for that particular election until they exceed or withdraw the Certification of Threshold. After the election, the committee may change its status or file under threshold for the next election cycle.

Find the reporting schedule that applies to your committee here.

Where can I download Campaign Finance Forms?

Statements of Organization for Registered Political Committees - Establish a committee and appoint/change Treasurers or other information.

Registered Political Committee Disclosure Reporting Forms - Create a report from scratch. The NCSBE Reporting Software is recommended for creating reports.

Certifications - Change the committee's status or disclose the committee's financial account information.

Which forms do I need to submit?

The NCSBE Mandatory Compliance Training details the reporting forms and their purpose. If you are not sure of the proper forms for a report, please sign up for treasurer training and download the NCSBE Reporting Software. This software is designed to generate the required forms and calculations based on the transactions entered for each report period.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please email

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