Mandatory Compliance Training

N.C.G.S.§ 163-278.7(f)

Effective October 1, 2006
Every treasurer of a political committee shall participate in training as to the duties of the office within three months of appointment and at least once every four years thereafter. The State Board of Elections shall provide the training as to the duties of the office in person, through regional seminars, and through interactive electronic means. The treasurer may designate an assistant treasurer to participate in the training, if one is named under subdivision (b)(8) of this section. The treasurer may choose to participate in training prior to each election in which the political committee is involved. All such training shall be free of charge to the treasurer and assistant treasurer.”

A candidate may serve as treasurer of their own Candidate Committee or choose to appoint a treasurer. By law, the treasurer must be a North Carolina resident at least 18 years of age. The candidate may NOT appoint their spouse as treasurer of their Candidate Committee.

Further, in regard to disclosure reports, N.C.G.S.§ 163-278.9(k), effective October 1, 2006, states that “All reports under this section must be filed by a treasurer or assistant treasurer who has completed all training as to the duties of the office required by G.S.163-278.7(f).”

A committee may change their treasurer or other committee information at any time by submitting a new Statement of Organization (form CRO-2100). If any committee information changes, you must submit an updated form within 10 days.

For more information, visit the Treasurer Training page of the NC State Board of Elections website.