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Find information on construction, fire and other permits available through the Permit Portal as well as information on pistol purchase permits and local and state business permits.

Wake County Permit Portal

Wake County Inspections & Permits provides residents, businesses and visitors 24-hour online access to permitting services and information through our Wake County Permit Portal. To access all the online services Wake County Inspections & Permits provides, you will need to register an account with the Wake County Permit Portal.

Business Permit Information

You may need a variety of permits and licenses in addition to a business license. Depending on the location of your business, you will need to research requirements for that municipality. Also, different types of businesses have different requirements, such as businesses that will serve food.

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Fire Services Permits

Wake County Fire Services issues all mandatory special function permits, such as blasting, pyrotechnics/fireworks, underground storage tank removal and tents. Applications can be submitted online at the Permit Portal.

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Health and Safety Permits

Environmental Health and Safety promotes public health through plan review, permitting and inspections of food service establishments, child day care facilities, nursing homes, hotels, public pools and tattoo artists. The division investigates lead exposure in children and pregnant women. Learn more.