From Housing to Hiring: 12 Wake County Initiatives Win National Awards

For the 11th year in a row, Wake County Government is being honored with multiple prestigious Achievement Awards from the National Association of Counties. The organization works to advance excellence in public service with this competitive awards program, pitting Wake County against more than 3,000 counties across the nation.  

“I’m extremely proud of every #TeamWake employee who worked to innovate the programs that are now being recognized as models for other counties,” said Wake County Board of Commissioners Chair Shinica Thomas. “To receive a dozen of these national awards is extraordinary and just more proof our staff is always looking for better ways to help our community and connect to underserved populations.”

Of the 12 winning entries, Wake County’s Housing Affordability and Community Revitalization department took home top honors as a “Best in Category” winner, beating out almost 100 other entries in the Community and Economic Development category. Across the country, so many people with lower incomes are facing an uphill battle trying to find an affordable place to live. The Lease 2 Home: Matching Customers with Affordable Housing Opportunities program was honored for helping connect struggling individuals and families with trustworthy landlords and property owners who can offer them a place to call home within their budget, while also making sure those housing providers have the financial means to help the units remain affordable.

The Housing team partnered with Wake County’s Information Services department which developed the custom-built Lease2Home app and rapidly deploy. With a team of eight, staff manage a comprehensive database of affordable, available homes and use that data to coordinate tenant relocation efforts. Using incentives like security damage coverage and $500 signing bonuses on leases, the program hopes to bring on more than 50 property owners and create around 300 additional affordable home options within the first year.  

“Our teams come to work every day ready to make a difference in their community and truly impact people’s lives for the better,” said Wake County Manager David Ellis. “Working for Wake means doing something that matters. These programs have all brought improvements that we can measure. These employees deserve a standing ovation for their dedication to public service.”

The other winning entries include:

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