Wake County Sheriff's Office | Willie L. Rowe, Sheriff

Criminal Investigations

Person Crimes

The Person Crimes Unit is divided into two separate work groups.  Each work group consists of a Sergeant and several Investigators responsible for investigating crimes of violence – including murder, rape, robberies, assaults and arsons. The Person Crimes Unit also investigates cases involving adult missing persons.

Under the Person Crimes Unit, there are also Detention Investigators that are tasked with investigating crimes/incidents occurring within the Wake County Detention Center and the Public Safety Center Jail. 

Juvenile Crimes

The Juvenile Crimes Unit consists of a Sergeant and several Investigators.  This work group manages all criminal cases involving offenders and victims under the age of 18.  The Juvenile Crimes Unit manages and investigates all CPS cases that are assigned to the unit where the incident has occurred within the County.  The Juvenile Crimes Unit also investigates missing persons cases under the age of 18.

Fraud Unit

The Fraud Unit answers to a Sergeant and investigates financial crimes and other "white collar” type crimes including identity theft, credit card fraud, counterfeit checks, forgery, embezzlement and any other attempts to obtain property by trickery or deception.

Property Crimes  

Property Crimes Units (North & East and South & West)

Each Property Crimes Unit comprises a sergeant and 10 investigators.  Property Crimes investigators investigate crimes of theft, damage to property, residential and business break-ins, and recovered stolen property.

Any questions or concerns please call 919-856-6800. 

Cold Case

Cold Case