Wake County Sheriff's Office | Willie L. Rowe, Sheriff


Even though the Wake County Sheriff’s Office has law enforcement jurisdiction anywhere in Wake County, the Patrol Division of the Wake County Sheriff’s Office provides the front line of police services to the unincorporated areas of Wake County and also assists local municipal departments.

The Patrol Division consists of four platoons providing services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Each Patrol Platoon also has two Domestic Violence Team members who are responsible for responding primarily to domestic violence calls.

Other duties of the Patrol Division:

  • Escorts for charity events: walk-a-thons, hike-a-thons, etc.
  • Funeral escorts
  • Speaking arrangements for school career days
  • Harris Nuclear Power Plant drills and master plan preparedness
  • Assist Fire and Rescue at emergency scenes/Hazmat/Disaster/Severe Weather
  • Search and rescue for lost/missing person(s)
  • Assist Crime Prevention Unit with presentations/demonstrations
  • RDU drills, emergency plans and aircraft emergencies
  • Lake Patrol-boat team:
    • Harris Lake
    • Falls Lake
  • Motorcycle Unit escort and demos
  • Transport of mentally ill to other counties
  • Accompany inmates at hospitals
  • Slim jims for children locked in vehicles