Wake County Water Partnership

The Wake County Water Partnership provides expertise and guidance on water-related issues in our community. 

Wake County Water Partnership logo

Mission Statement

To facilitate collaboration to promote leadership in water management and sustainability and promote health by providing high quality water throughout Wake County. 

About the Partnership 

Established by the Wake County Board of Commissioners in 2016, the partnership includes representatives from municipalities, well owners, water providers, agriculture, academics, environmental groups and the building industry. This group acts in an advisory capacity to identify new water related opportunities and challenges that impact the County.  To learn more, see the Water Partnership fact sheet.

Through collaboration with these stakeholders, Wake County is developing a “One Water Approach” to water management, including a 50-year water supply plan. This emphasizes the connection of all water sources and supports continued collaboration, growth and prosperity within the county. To learn more about the One Water Approach, visit the Education and Outreach Subcommittee.

For more information on the Water Partnership, contact Nancy Daly, 919-856-2641