Watershed Management: Erosion & Sedimentation Control, Floodplain and Stormwater Management

Watershed Management reviews new development plans and issues permits for erosion and sedimentation control (land disturbances); it also reviews stormwater and floodplain management for residential lots, subdivisions and commercial projects. Watershed Management conducts flood studies for roadways, driveways and other encroachments crossing through floodplains and flood-prone soil areas. After construction, Watershed Management oversees owners' annual stormwater control measure (SCM) inspections and inspects 20% of completed stormwater devices each year.

Watershed Management administers the erosion and sedimentation control ordinances of Garner, Morrisville, Rolesville, Wendell & Zebulon. It also administers the stormwater ordinances of Rolesville, Wendell & Zebulon, including plan review, land disturbance inspections and engineering review of stormwater devices. Municipalities are responsible for stormwater after construction.

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