Drug Use and Overdose Prevention

Health & Human Services supports the behavioral health needs of our community by monitoring trends in substance use and its impact on our community.  We collaborate with capable people and organizations to  provide outreach education and evidence-based strategies to prevent deaths and health problems due to tobacco and other drug use.  We contribute to several important local initiatives.

  • Drug Overdose Prevention Coalition
  • Drug Overdose Prevention Initiative
  • Recovery Court Program 

Drug Overdose Prevention Coalition

Groups and organizations in Wake County work together to prevent and respond to heroin and opioid overdoses. This collaboration helps combine resources to be more effective in preventing drug overdoses. The Coalition meets quarterly and focuses on education and outreach, data analytics, access to Naloxone and syringe exchange, recovery initiation and maintenance and first responders.

Wake County Drug Overdose Prevention Coalition

Drug Overdose Prevention Initiative

The Drug Overdose Prevention Initiative is designed to prevent and reduce substance use disorders (SUD) in at risk populations, support harm reduction strategies, and link individuals to services to address social determinants of health.

Wake County Drug Overdose Prevention Initiative

Recovery Court Program

The Wake County Recovery Court Program is a drug treatment court available to adults involved in the criminal justice system because of a substance use disorder.

Wake County Recovery Court Program

2023 Wake County Post-Overdose Response Team Program Profile (PORT)