Wake County Register of Deeds | Tammy Brunner

Protective/Restrictive Covenants

Finding protective or restrictive covenants for my subdivision.

Wake County subdivisions may have protective or restrictive covenants recorded with the Wake County Register of Deeds office.

  • If these documents are recorded, they may be retrieved online using the
    Consolidated Real Property Index (CRPI) system.

  • Covenants can be found under many different document types
    • (restrv covnts, decln, covnts, protv covnts, etc.)

  • When searching covenants, do not enter a specific document type in your search criteria. Instead do the following:
    • Enter part of the subdivision name into the grantor field
    • Select grantor type of 'Firm / Non-human'
    • Click Search to view the recorded document results.
    • Scan the list of results for the covenants.

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